Friday, October 3, 2008




From up above the Angel's came
Calling out our Mother's name
Her hand she reached, For the Angel's to take
But then she started to hesitate

She had so much to live for, she didn't want to die
And then a tear came to her eye and she began to cry
She thought of all the ones she loved, the ones she'd leave behind

She thought of all the things she'd miss, the days ahead she may not find
Why was this happening, it wasn't fair, she'd really like to know,
She wasn't ready to leave us, it's not my time to go
She knew the pain she would endure, if she was to stay
Meds and drugs, all of that, would be part of her every day

She fought with all the strength she had, determined not to leave To stay here with her children, whom she didn't want to grieve

We looked at one another, knowing what was in stow
Then we gently told our Mother, that it was ok for her to go
One by one we shared with her, the promise of our love
As we reminded her of those who awaited, somewhere up above

We stroked her oh so softly and wiped away her tears
As we thanked her for all she'd given us throughout the years

Mum, you have been so faithful, so caring and so true
It is hard for us to imagine, our lives without you
But you have given us, the one thing like no other
The gift of love... a part of you, that will stay with us all forever

And then she started to realize, as she always told us so
Things happen for a reason and this must be her time to go.
So when tomorrow starts without you Mum, don't think we're far apart.  For every time we think of you, you'll be right here in our heart.

We love you Mum, with every breath we take, you will always be a part of each and every one of us!

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