Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is it over yet?


I am so ready for the month of October to be over.  I am tired of hearing  "Martha was so strong that's how she beat the cancer".  "Susan wasn't ready to leave her kids she faugh hard, and won"  "Julie prayed hard, as did her church family, and God answered their prayers.

We prayed like crazy, my Mum put up a fight,  because she wasn't ready to leave her kids or her grandchildren, but for some unknown reason she didnt win, she wasn't cured.

Don't think for a second, that those who have passed didn't have the will to live, or didnt pray to God.

My sister overheard someone talking about their family member battling cancer, the lady made a comment along the lines of how she wished it were breast cancer,  because it isnt that serious.

So getting your boobs chopped off, and pumping your body full of chemicals that harm your body, while trying to kill the cancer at the same time isnt serious?

Some how my sister sat quietly, but I would have let her have it.  How ignorant can you be? Breast cancer is serious, it killed my Mother in less than six weeks.  It left her husband without a wife, her children without parents, and her grand children questioning where their grandma went.

While I am thankful that the month of October helps raise awareness about this nasty disease. I am also happy that not every family as to suffer through such a tragic loss. But sometimes I just want to scream.  "You have no idea what its like unless your been there".

Please don't compare the loss of my Mother to your 90 year old grandmother or your 16 year old cat, because quite frankly they don't compare.

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