Saturday, October 11, 2008



I have spent the last few weeks searching.  for quality child care for our foster child.  So far I have no luck, the good daycare's have a mile long waiting list, and the not so good ones, shouldn't be calling themselves a "daycare". 

What makes you think you can charge the same as everyone else when all you do is sit on your behind, while the kids watch tv, and play with the handful of toys you have for them?

Why do parents sign their child up for such a "daycare"? Is it because they just don't know any better?  A child spends on average 40-50 hours per week at daycare, most of their awake hours. Don't you want your child's day to be filled with fun, stimulation, and plenty of playtime?

In my opinion a quality home  daycare provider should have a playroom filled with age appropriate toys. He/She should offer a preschool curriculum for preschool aged children.  Their should be outside toys for the children to play with.  The providers home should be clean, and most importantly the provider should speak proper English.

I am at a loss as to what to do with little Ray Ray, there has got to be an opening at one of the good daycare's.

P.s I ran a QUALITY home daycare for five years, before moving to Georgia.

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  1. lol I agree I looked at 12 places before I found where Jax is now. I was shocked as crap at some of them. No playroom no posters and jax has more toys than most of them do lol. some parents just dont care. I dont think it is the fact that they dont know any better either that or because it is cheap lol