Monday, July 28, 2008

What a trip..



We arrived at Tybee around midnight Thursday night.  The Stukes arrived in the middle of the night, and the Giemza's appeared bright and early Friday morning.  We hit the beach, hung out at the house, went on a dolphin tour.  Shopped, and ate till we felt sick!

Before we knew it Sunday had arrived and the Giemza's were heading home.  Sunday afternoon we hit the beach again.  Jannae, and Wayne were playing catch in the water.  While Alex and I jumped the waves. Next thing I know Wayne is "jumping" into a wave, head first.  Lesley, and I were laughing, thinking he was goofing off as usual. 

A second later when my husband didnt reappear I realized something was wrong. When Wayne was throwing "the fish" to Jannae, he fell into a hole, and was hit by a wave at the same time. 

When Wayne fell his knee popped out of joint, and then snapped back into place.  Lesley, and I had to drag him out of the water by his shirt..

He spent the reminder of out vacation laying in bed with his leg propped up.  We headed home Monday, instead of going to the mountains.  As we pulled into Thomasville, we went to urgent care where they took x-rays. 

His knee/leg is swollen three times the size, he is accumulating a lot of fluid.  The x-ray showed no bone fragments, but the doctor thinks he has torn some ligaments.  

So he will be visiting a orthopedist Dr later on this week to see if surgery is needed.

Hopefully I wont have killed him by the time we go to the Dr's.  I think he's liking me waiting on him hand, and foot a little too much..

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