Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Always on the go..


It seems that the last few months we have spent more time on the road that we have at home.  Tomorrow, Wayne, Jannae, and I are heading to Tybee Island, to meet up with Tracey, Mike, and their girls.

Lesley will be driving down to pick up Jannae as her five weeks are almost up! We will be spending our days on the beach, our afternoons napping, and hanging out, and our evenings indulging in seafood!

Everyone is heading home Sunday, however Wayne, and  I will be staying a few extra days before heading North to Highlands, NC.  I have to work while in Highlands, but that never stops us from having fun.  We will return home August 3rd!

It's hard packing for a 100 degree beach trip, as well as a 60-70 degree mountain trip.  I've packed my sun screen, bathing suit, and my winter woollies.

I wont have much internet access of the next few weeks, but I will be sure to take plenty of pictures.

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