Monday, July 7, 2008

Pizza anyone?


I was talking to my sister Lesley this morning, she was telling me about a "visit" she had with our Mum last night.  Mum came to Lesley in her dream, and told her that everything was okay.  That she was still alive, she told us that Jeff was in trouble (ha ha), whenever he goes to the other side.

Lesley then "asked" Mum, "How do I know its you?, How will I know when you are around?"  She said pizza..strange..

Lesley was in the car on her way to drop off Alex of at "school" he said "Mommy I want cheese and pepperoni." Crazy huh?


  1. You forgot about what Jannae said!!

  2. We (I) need one or two of those kittens, we put Kate and Allie to sleep on March 7 and I miss them terribly. Give me directions and I willcome get them!!!