Saturday, July 5, 2008

1,2,3,4...oh wait there are FIVE

Today we helped Erine clean out her kitchen cupboards.  Much to our surprise there was "stuff" that expired in 1998! When we were finished we had four large trash bags, ready for the dump.  As we pulled into the dump Jannae started shouting about all the cats.  We were counting them, and spotted about thirty cats, rummaging throughout the dumpster's trying to find dinner. 

Then we noticed a baby kitten running passed.  I shouted "quick get the baby one".  As Wayne hopped out the car (like the good husband that he is), he said it isn't one kitten there is a whole litter.  I didn't even have my seatbelt undone, and Jannae was half way out the car.

We spent the next forty-five minutes trying to catch these little buggers who appear to be around 2-3 weeks old.



We stopped by walmart on our way home for some kitten milk, and a litter box. Each cat was given a bath (they were filthy, and have fleas) a blow dry, and a plate full of milk. 

Jannae is in kitty Heaven, she wants to keep them all.

Its now 12:32pm and it's almost time for their next feeding. We do not plan to keep any of the kittens (I aint that crazy).  So they will be going to the ASPCA first thing Monday morning, unless any of you Thomasville folk want one..


As we were preparing to leave, a couple stopped by, and asked if we had kittens.  She said there was a tabby that she has been trying to catch. After a 15 minute chase Wayne was able to catch him, so Miss buttercup found a new home!

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