Wednesday, July 23, 2008



I have taken on a part-time over night job for a few weeks-months.  Which has left Wayne in charge of Jannae at bed time.  On Sunday night I asked him to put Jannae to bed at 9pm.

When I returned the next day Wayne look awful tired for someone who had a full nights rest.  Considering I was up all night long! I asked why he was to tired.  He informed me that the police were at our house around 10:30pm.

Shortly after Wayne put Jannae to bed she came running out of the room shouting "too men just ran passed my window".  Wayne swung into action, locking Jannae in the house and headed out to investigate. There was no one to be found, not a person in site.

Being the worry wort man that he is Wayne decided to call the police. Jannae assured him, that she "really did see two men, they were wearing winter coats, and their heads came to the top of the window".

The police drove by with their lights on, they to found nothing.

Hmm, all the while Jannae was having a great time STAYING UP, playing with the cats, and God knows whatever else.

Its over 100 outside, why on Earth would these "men" be wearing winter coats? Our windows are 3-4 feet off the ground, and their heads came to the top of the window..That would mean the "men" were 8 ft tall..

My husband is gullible, I am going to have my work cut out for me once we have children.

Love ya baby..

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