Monday, October 18, 2010

Week in review..

  • Monday: sprained my foot, worked 16 hours
  • Tuesday: Foot more sore than yesterday worked 12 hours
  • Wednesday: Teagyn's birthday-always an emotional day. Only worked 8 hours!
  • Thursday:Hubby's surgery 7am, home by 10, at work by 11:30.  Ran around after hubs with the boys in tow despite the fact that I am supposed ot be off my foot!?!
  • Friday:worked 12 hours, remembered my little bean while taking are of hubby
  • Saturday: Spent the day taking care of hubby ran errands in between.
  • Sunday-Was up by 8am, taking care of hubby, got called into work for a few hours, did 5 loads of laundry (i'm behind)

Can I have a re-do? Or at least a nap?

1 comment:

  1. Goodness girl! You need a tropical vacation, not a re-do.. lol