Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lil' Man

Last week I left a message for Lil' Man's worker asking her to give me a call because I still have half of Lil' Mans stuff (she didnt have space in her car for all of it).  I have called several times, because its starting to get cold outside. Most of the stuff I have is winter clothes.  She told me she wont be coming until the end of the month (whatever)

She also told me that he has moved into a foster home (was in several respite homes).  He lives with a family that has their own 10 yr old daughter.  They live on a few acres and have horses.  I bet Lil' Man is enjoying the horses.

His behaviors have no improved.  They put him back on stimulants and he flipped.  He is semi under control at home, but still running away, and raging constantly at school.

Mrs A (the case worker) said that whenever she visits Lil' Man asks "are you here to take me to see K and W (me and hubby).  I regret that we disrupted the placement because he's no better off where he is now. I thought they would follow through with residential and he would get the help he needed. 

A new worker is taking over his case at the end of the month.  I doubt she will be as willing to chat with me about him and his case.  I told Mrs A I wanted our name and address written down and given to the adoptive family.  If and when he gets adopted.

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  1. that poor little pumpkin is such a sad case. i know i would have had to do the same thing you did. poor baby.