Sunday, October 31, 2010

Its official!

I have lost my mind! I logged into facebook this evening, and burst out crying.  I was crying at all of my friends and family's kids dressed up for Halloween. I really need to get myself together.  I don't even know why I was crying. 

Maybe it's because last year we had Lil' Man to take trick or treating.  Just another reminder of what's missing in our life.

Maybe its a little bit of jealously because they have something I so desperately want.

Maybe next year.


  1. I feel for you!!! I know that feeling very well. I am sending you big (((HUGS))). I hope that next Halloween you will have a little one.

  2. I know the feeling as well:( If I see one more adorable Angel or Woody or Witch...been in a funk all weekend.

  3. i was sad this year too to not have kids with me that i did have last year. it is hard, you had every right to be upset.

    lets just start praying that next year will be much much different!