Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sunshine and roses!

The weather has been gorgeous here lately.  Mid 50's in the morning and heating up into the mid 80's by 5pm.  The boys and I have been spending all of our free time out doors.  One day last week we hit up three parks and went on a golf cart ride!

Hubby is recovering well.  He had his staples removed last Thursday (a week post-op) they put steri-strips over the incision that should stay on for another week.  


On Friday the playgroup that I run is having our 1st Halloween bash.  I've got a lot to do between now and then.  Poor P doesn't even have a costume yet!

The construction has been put on hold for another week in order for the hubs to heal.  Hopefully we can start back on it soon. 

Today hubs and I spent the afternoon/evening in the big city (remember we live in the deep south) we went clothes shopping, to the book store and then to dinner. Then my dear hubby surprised me with a dozen roses.  He's simply the best!

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  1. hi! I just wanted to stop in and say hello! I saw a comment on Rain's blog and decided to come and check out your blog. We are new fosterparents(about 3 months now) and have a little almost 7 month old girl now.. anyway, I just wanted to say hello :)