Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am starting to get impatient waiting on a placement.  We have had several phone calls for older children but we have turned them down.  Given the type of work I do i do not want to take children older than seven.

I spoke with our agency's director yesterday to remind her about us.  She assured we would be the first people they contacted when they get a child under seven.

In the mean time we have decided that if we do not have a placement by the end of November (when our license expires) that we will give up our theraputic license and switch to DFACS.

I'm getting bored waiting for the phone to ring!


  1. We call it waiting for the stork to call. I think how very sad that somewhere, some Mother's life is heading straight for mine and I will soon be caring for her child. Its is just bizarre that my home is there for when someone hits rock bottom...I try not to think about to much - cuz it makes my heart hurt. Hoping you get a call sooooooon!

  2. it is a little unbelievable to me that they aren't calling you all the time. there are so many kids that need to be in therapeutic homes that aren't

  3. So glad to find another foster mom and follow your journey! Here's hoping for a placement soon!