Monday, October 25, 2010

Breaking up

Friday I got a phone call from our resource coordinator letting me know what training/paper work we needed to re-certify.   Hubby and I spent the weekend going over the pro's and con's of staying with them or switching to DFACS. We have decided to make the switch.

How does one break up with their foster care agency?

We've been with them for almost two years. The staff is great, and they offer a lot of support.  But the office is 59 miles away.  Whenever there is a mandatory training I have to take off work because of the distance.  We are responsible for brining any foster placement to the agency at least once a month. But those are all minor details.

The biggest issues if the lack of placements,and their  honesty. When we first signed up with them I asked over and over again "Do you routinely place children under the age of seven, as well as children with medical problems?"  Each time I was assured they do.   Since we have been with the agency they have only placed two children within our age range, one of which was Lil' Man.

Would it be wrong from me to send our agency's  director an email? Or do I need to suck it up and call?  What should  I say?

Today I spoke with DFACS.  It will take about four months for us to get a new license (annoying) Our training might carry over, but they cannot use the same home study.  Background checks  also need to be re-ran.

I'm getting tired of all this waiting!!


  1. i hate when there is great staff cause then you dont wanna hurt anyone. in the end your making the best decision for your family. Be honest with them, so they dont make the same mistake with the next families they recruit.

  2. Wishing you a good experience as you move on. I'm stopping by your site after seeing your comment on the Attempting to Live Life blog. It's a small world ... I remember Teagyn and her mom from the hypotonia board on iVillage. I remember Teagyn's traumatic death. I remember her mom's devastation and anger. I remember her applying to foster, too, as part of her journey toward healing. I hope N has found some measure of peace. Please tell her I haven't forgotten her or sweet Teagyn.