Monday, October 26, 2009

under the knife

Today I had a doctors appointment to go over my ultra sound results.  I have a softball sized cyst on my left ovary, and one about half the size on the right side.

My left ovary will have to come out, we're hoping to save all of or at least half the right one.  There is a small chance both will have to be removed.

Surgery begins bright and early Friday morning.  Due to the size of the cyst of the left hand side, I am not a candidate for laparosopic surgery so under the knife I go.

Having one ovary does NOT reduce your chance of conceiving naturally. Obviously having only half of one or none, changes things slightly.   If both have to be removed, we will be harvesting my eggs.

Talk about shit luck .  I want nothing more in this world than to carry my husband baby. To feel it kick, and watch it grow.  To wonder who he or she will look like. To find out that might not be possible is kind of hard to swallow.

I know things could be much worse, and I should just be thankful it isnt something terminal. 

Can I get a break? Between Teagyn disease, and my might fight against breast cancer, I am over all this medical drama. 


  1. I am so sorry. Praying for your recovery and for the surgeons to have steady hands.