Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nobody, I mean nobody

I am sitting in the Glasgow airport, half asleep and freezing my rear off.  Temperature outside is a cold, and cloudy 28 degrees! Our flight has been delayed due to the frost.

I am highly impressed with the amount of security measures that are in place within the airport. The hubby was stripped searched as, was his c-pap machine. I was hand patted down, by an old lady.

You cannot drive a car within 200 feet of the doors.  There are barricades blocking the way.

About three years ago, three Muslim Doctors from a local hospital in Scotland tired to run a burning car into the airport.

Thankfully a local man (now hero) drug the men from the burning car, before they hit the building.  All the while shouting "Nobody Fu#k's with Scotland"

Gotta love it.


  1. LOL Nobody F**ks with Scotland...LOLOLOLOLOL

    Hope you get airborne soon!!