Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm a helicopter mom

Last night we attended a birthday party in honor of all children in foster care ages 0-5 yrs old.  It was at a bounce house, lil' man had a total blast!  We sung happy birthday to all the children, and they were each given a gift!

While at the party I discovered  I am a helicopter mom. So what if I follow my kid around, he has impulse control issues.  I am his conscious for the time being.

I followed Lil' man from one bounce house to another.  From the game room, to the toy area, and then back to the bounce house.  He is NEVER out of eye sights.

Who would have thought I would  be a sling wearing, baby snuggling ,over protective Mother! 


  1. Im a heli-mom too!! My daughter is 8 and has no impulse control either. BUT, It does get better!! When we first got her, a little over a year ago, I couldnt let her play alone anywhere becuase she just does weird stuff that doesnt make any sense to normal people (like climbing a very tall shelving unit), but now she can play in her room alone and play outside alone (with me checking on her ALL the time). So there is hope. Of course, at places like that, I would be all over her like white on rice too!! :o)

  2. I left an award for you on my blog… come by and pick it up if you get a moment.