Saturday, March 21, 2009

up shits creek.


anyone got a paddle?  I think I might be in over my head a little here.  I've been reading up on breast cancer, just trying to understand it all.  Trying to figure out how within a year my Mum was diagnosed, and died because of some stupid cancer cells.

I have been reading up on the risk factors. 

I am scared, I don't want cancer.  I don't want my sisters to cancer either.  I am really freaking out

Risk factor

*Gender-  I am a women

age-thankfully still young

Genetic factor-still waiting to find out of my Mum had genetic testing

*Family history--since I have a first relative with cancer this doubles my chances of developing it.

*race-White women are slightly more likely to develop breast cancer.

*starting your menstrual cycle early- before age 13

*not having children before 30 (At this rate that's gonna be me)

*Being over weight

The only thing on the above list that fit my Mum were the age, race, and gender.  She is the first person and hopefully the last to be diagnosed with breast cancer.

The above risk factors with a * are the ones that I fit into.

I need to get off google, and stay away from the computer.

I am turning into some hypochondriac blogging nut. 

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