Saturday, March 21, 2009

All in a days work.


Today I have been slowly playing catch up. ,

I haven't vacuumed my house in over a week, there is cat hair everywhere. 

Some how the laundry basket is over flowing.

The dishes are piled high

The trash cans are over flowing

and the litter box is stinky.

I vacuumed the living rung while sitting on the couch, as I don't have enough energy to stand up and do it.

Three loads of laundry down two more to go.

I am leaving the trash, dishes, and litter box for Wayne!

The bills need to be paid, the milk has expired, and the washing machine is on its last legs.

The grass needs cut, the mail needs to be checked, and I need to clean out my stinky car.

My house is falling apart.

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