Friday, March 13, 2009



We got final word today that we will not be getting the baby.  Which is a little upsetting, to say the least.  This is the second time we have been considered for a placement of a medically fragile child.  Only to be told know because of the distance.

You can't let on to the agency that you are the slightest bit upset, because foster parents are supposed to be super human.  If you let on that you are upset (or in my case cried), then you wont get a placement, because you will be considered emotionally  unstable.

I know it isnt our agencies ..They want/need the placements in order to stay in business.

If one more person says it "oh that just means there are no children being neglected that need care".  I am gonna SCREAM that's BS.  I know, you know, we all know there are plenty of kids out there being neglected, sick children alone in hospitals with no one to care for them.  Because of all the red tape.

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