Thursday, March 12, 2009

Shit luck


So it looks like we wont get the baby, despite the fact that we are more than willing, and able to care for him.  He is from a county six hours away from us.  They are trying to place him closer to accommodate visits with his birth Mother.

So the baby will stay in the hospital where he has been since birth. Unless they find someone in their county or come to their sense, and place him with us.

So his monthly visit with his birth Mom is worth leaving him alone in a hospital without a family. I am all for reunification, with the birth family, but at what cost?

I should have known better, I shouldn't have gotten so excited.

How is it that everyone else I know has 2-3 placements, and I cant even get a little one?  I am not asking for much. I mean this baby has a g-tube, a tracheostomy, and a heart condition.

Maybe I am putting too many emotions into this whole foster care thing, but its upsetting when we get a call.  They give you all this information.  You paint a picture of this little person in your head.  You open up your home,  you get excited, you make a mental list of everything you need

All for nothing..


  1. Karen, I am so sorry you haven't gotten a baby to love and care for yet. It is cruel that they call and get your hopes up before they are sure that the child will be coming to you. The right baby for you is out there and he will find his way to you I just know it!

  2. I know that it is hard not to get emotional but you are human but you cant get attached to every kid the ph you about. Yes it is hard very hard but how will u be when you gat a kid that you have had for a yr and they go back to their family?

  3. When they call me with "hey we have a 3 month old baby boy that we need to place, are you interested" I of course say yes, and they tell me they will get in touch with the placement coordinator. I actually automatically start going through the list in my head of what things I need to get in order to provide for this year.. Going from no kids to one child is a huge adjustment in a family.

    I don't think it would hurt as much when the child goes home, because after all reunification is the goal, ad we are all for that. We did not become foster parents, with the mind set of adopting.

    Its upsetting because there is a little baby who needs a family to love him. But because of distance, we are shit out of luck.