Saturday, March 21, 2009



I think this is the longest time in my blog history that I have went without blogging. Does that tell you something?

I caught the nasty flu bug from my loving husband.  I have been down and pretty much OUT since Monday.  Unable to lift my head off of my pillow. 

I feel like such a wimp.

My temperature has ranged from 103.6, to 95.4.  So I am either blazing hot, and sweaty, or frozen solid.

I have had cold sweats, hot sweats, body aches, sinus congestion, body pain, sore ears, sore teeth (WTF?) and a big old massive headache.

I can stay awake for an hour max, before my body gives in.

Since my amazing handsome husband is feeling better, I have been keeping him on his toes.  It's good to milk it every now and then.

I am much better at taking care of sick people. Hopefully I will be back to myself by Monday.  I dont like being a wimp.sick

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