Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hold your horses..


We still have not gotten a placement, however we have had a few phone calls.  All of them have been for teens, the last call for was a 16 yr old male. We considered fostering him, but in the end decided not to.

Our agency didn't seem happy with our answer, and I had to explain myself to the intake coordinator, as well as the director.  Bottom line is we signed up to foster non-school aged children.  We have no experience in parenting a teen, and don't want to get in over our heads with our first placement. Maybe down the road once we get to know the system a little better.

We made it known from the beginning that we wished to foster non-school aged children.  I was assure time, and time again that our agency placed children of all ages.  Come to find out they mostly place children 8, and above.

We have been working with this agency since June of 2008.  We have had our license since December of 2008.  I feel like we have wasted a lot of time.

We are considering switching to another agency, but in order to do so we must resign from our current agency.  For some reason I am having a hard time forming a letter to mail to them, because I feel like I owe them something.

Granted we spent a lot of time, and money on getting our license, but they also worked hard to ensure that our home was licensed in a timely manner. 

The agency we are considering switching too only places medically fragile children. They are in the process of changing their licensed, but should be ready to start placing children, July 1st.  Which would give us enough time to go thru all the shitty lovely paper work once again.

In hindsight we should have done our research a little better. 

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