Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vacation day three and four.


After visiting the Georgia aquarium,  a  few shops, and dinging on some good  food, we headed East to Tybee Island where we met up with Nicola, and Lesley.

The kids were down at the beach with in twenty minute of us pulling into the drive way.

We celebrated what would have been our Dad's 55th birthday by having a BBQ, and a toast in his honor with a glass of his favorite vodka in hand. 


Today we went to an art show, followed by play time at a local park. The kids participated in a crab race, Jannae, and Alex both took first place.

After lunch we  went in search of treasure using a metal detector.We came home $.26 cents richer!!

The kids are having fun getting to know each other, and running around like mad  both inside, and outside of the house. I wont be able to post very many pictures as I forgot the transfer cable to my camera.


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