Friday, November 21, 2008

Last year


This time last year,  I was sitting in the GICU in a Norfolk, VA hospital praying to God to please save my Mum's life.  I was staring death in the face, but just couldn't wrap my head around life without my Mum. 

Here is my post from that day, one year ago today.

Posted Nov 21, 2007 9:06am

If you have not read yesterdays update please go back, and read it. There hasnt been any changes today, Mum is still the same, holding on.

Last night we told Jannae that "Grandma is sick like Teagyn". She automatically new what we meant, that grandma could die. Its so sad, I feel so bad for her, she's only six, and in her short life she has lost two grandpa's, great gran, a cousin, and a kitten ( a big deal to a 6 yr old), and now she is faced with the possibility of losing her Gran. It doesn't make sense. Its so unfair

She is scared of the doctor, and thinks that if you go to the hospital you die.

Just keep praying, something/someone has to be rooting in our favor.


Posted Nov 21, 2007 12:08pm

Update number two for the day...

We have talked with the doctors, and have decided to leave Mum on the vent for a few more days, as she is not strong enough to undergo surgery at this time. Hopefully by Saturday her infection will be gone, and we can proceed with the trach/ped tube then.

They had to increase the amount of pressure they are using to expand Mum's lungs, which can be dangerous. If they expand too much they can "pop" like a balloon. But the increased pressure is allowing Mum to relax. She is still heavily sedated, when she is awake she is breathing/fighting against the vent.

Lets hope a few more days will of rest will clear the infection, and stabilize Mum's breathing, and heart rate. We just have to take things hour by hour.

Just keep praying

Nine days after that post, my Mother passed away with all of us by her side.  There was nothing we could do, not amount of love, tears or prayers could save her.  It just wasn't meant to be.

Life can be so cruel so unfair, how much heart break can one person take?

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