Monday, November 3, 2008

If I don't laugh, i'll cry.


This weekend was spent working on our lovely little house.  We waxed/polished our hardwood floors.   We were working on the hall way, and had to remove our floor grate.  Wayne was down on his belly (cant kneel), scraping the floor. He went to stand up, and fell into the hole where the grate was.

As I was laughing my ass off, helping my wounded puppy hubby up I got into trouble for laughing at him. oops

Before we finished Spud, and Lilly our cats made their way into the hole, Spud managed to get stuck, and Lilly some how made her way outside.  (which means we have a hole in our AC ducts somewhere) Nice to know we are heating and cooling the great outdoors.

At the same time Pete escaped out the front door. You all should know what trouble Pete gets into when he's on the loose.

We spent a good half an hour chasing cats.  Unfortunately I was left with a few war wounds from the cat fight I had with Lilly.

We leave for vacation in less than 48 hours.  We're still not done waxing the floors, I am up to my eye balls in dirty laundry.  I have to go to the store to get kitten supplies for while we're gone. I have to round up carseats, a pack n play, and a few other baby items for my niece's to use.

No big deal, we have plenty of time!

I also have to work all day today, over night tonight, and all day Tuesday. Some how I am supposed to squeeze a pedicure into my schedule.

and what do you think happens today? Wayne wakes up with a red nose that's swollen to three times the normal size. Wayne has had more medical problems in the last three months, that he has had in his entire life.

The big red nose should look great, in our family pictures. At least I can pretend the red nose was intentional since I will be using one of the pictures for our Christmas card.

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