Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day five, full of sickness


For the passed 24 hours I have been dizzy, spinning like crazy every time I lay down. This morning I started vomiting, and haven't stopped since. Jaxon woke up with a fever, and runny nose.

Tonight Erin has been coughing on and off, and Alex had a slight fever before bed.  Now Nicola is complaining of a sore stomach.  Now this is what I call a great vacation!

Today we spent 1 1/2 hours having our pictures taken, it was a lot of fun despite feeling sick.  Our photographer took over 1400 pictures, so there is bound to be a few decent ones. 

The rest of the day we laid low.  Some of us took naps, while the others went shopping.  We strolled down to the ice cream shop, and ventured over to the park. 

Hopefully everyone will be feeling better by tomorrow, in time for our next road trip.

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