Thursday, November 6, 2008

Vacation day 1


We arrived at the airport after a four our car ride, only to wait two hours for Mark, and his family to clear customs.  I was bursting with excitement, and could hardly contain myself. . 

Finally the elevator opened, and I spotted the bald spot, that belongs to my brother!   Both girls were shy, and where not so sure of Wayne, and Myself.


It took a mini van, as well as Wayne's lil focus to get all the bags, and people in. Four adults, two kiddlets, five suitcases, a double stroller, wheelchair, a few carry on's, a box of gifts, and a few other bits and bobs!

We headed to the hotel to unload the bags. Once the bags were out, we were able to fit into the van, so we ventured to find the closest Taco bell, as my dear sister in law has been waiting six years for taco bell!

After   we stuffed our faces ate our tacos, it was back home to bed, after a long day of traveling. 

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