Friday, November 21, 2008

Can I get some rest?


Yesterday we left the house around 9:30am  to head to the Atlanta airport.  We arrived about five hours later, after stopping for lunch, and getting lost along the way.


The Smith's checked in for their flight and headed to the security area.  That's when the tears started flowing. It's hard living 3,000 miles away from family.  It breaks my heart to know that I will not be as close to Erin, and Carrie, as I am to my other nieces, and nephews. 

My hubby decide some retail therapy would cure my sadness so we headed to Ikea, where I quickly spent $400.00 on items for my foster care nursery.


We finally pulled into hickville somewhere between 12 and 1am. I am so over road trips, in total we drove over 2,600 miles in 24 hours of driving.

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