Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rages..a thing of the past?

Lil man has been with us for just over a month. He has been on his new medication for a little over 2 weeks.  I am so happy to say that the medication is helping a great deal. He no longer rages for 1-2 hours a time.  I am not even sure they classify as rages at this point since they only last 5-15 minutes.

He is still defiant as all get out, but at least he doesn't throw down and trash the house!! Yesterday he showed his true colors while out in about embarrassing..

He told me: I am gonna rip your head off

He scratched my arm

Tired to bite me

screamed the store down

Threw a few items

screamed some more

told me he was gonna trash my stroller.

and yes people that is a big improvement than before.

Sadly he isnt doing any better at "school" I don't think his teacher is equipped to handle him. I have been working with the director, and we have a few things in place. So we will see how it goes this week

Since stopping the adderall he has  been bouncing off the walls, but I will take the hyperness over the rages any day.

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