Friday, May 8, 2009

Got the boot


My blood is boiling at the moment.  I received a call from lil mans school a little after Noon.

Daycare- "little man needs to be picked up as soon as possible" "he is out of control, and our staff cannot deal with him"

me: What is the problem?

Daycare: He told another student "shut up bitch", hid under the table while screaming, and refused to do anything he was told"

me: Is he being sent home for the day?

daycare:  You will have to talk to the director about that when she comes back on Monday.

me:  I need to speak with someone right now, I can't wait until Monday.

daycare:  Well Mrs S. if you can get him to listen and get his behaviors under control we will take him back.

me:  Great I will flip a magic switch and have him turned into the perfect student by Monday.


You want to do know they were doing when all this went down.  Making Mothers Day cards.  Why would he want to make a Mothers Day card?

So after only two weeks they have given up on my lil man. Leaving myself and my husband stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We want to be apart of our family.  We are willing to try and make this work, but we need support.  We both work we need daycare.  How can they give up on him so quickly?

I am SOOOO frustrated.


  1. Welcome to the club! While my boys have maintained in daycare, T never did the few times we tried her...the boot is all too familiar. Our paid one-on-one staff won't even stick with her. I hope you call his worker ASAP. I would bet money this isn't the first time. Good luck!!!

  2. Oh gosh, I'm sorry, Karen. Poor guy. Stupid day care.

  3. In my four years of child welfare, I would venture to say that the number 1 (maybe 2) reason for placement disruption was because the child was continually being sent home from school/daycare and the foster parent felt that they could not continue to keep leaving work for fear of being fired. I will say that oftentimes Daycares are willing to work with the situation as long as they feel the parent is being responsive to the situation (which you obviously are). So, don't give up hope yet!I'd recommend getting Lil Man assessed for Early Intervention ASAP. They may be able to get him into a pre-school program that will be able to meet his needs. My prayers are with all of you!

  4. UGH. Been there, done that. We had a 3 year old with RAD, he came to us at 2 and left at age 4. He was kicked out of 11 daycare programs in that time period. ELEVEN. The last program was the only one able to handle him and it was geared towards developmentally delayed, special needs children. He blossomed at that center and stayed there for 14 months until he left our home. I still remember the frustration of getting called every single day to pick him up from daycare because they couldn't handle his behavior. You might want to investigate if there is a similar center near you and I totally agree with the Early Intervention advice- his social worker should have already put that in motion but sometimes it slips through the cracks. Good luck, hang in there!

  5. I turned in all of his paper work for head start, but I think they are dragging their feet because the school year is almost over (March 22).I think they are trying to push me off until the next school year. I am sure I can come up with something!

  6. I agree with the early intervention...he should qualify for some kind of one on one assistance in the classroom environment. Having the right daycare/staff makes all the difference...and the wrong fit will only make things worse in the long can be SO difficult. I hope his social worker can help you find a positive solution!!