Friday, May 8, 2009

Like a fish..

I wish I could post pictures of lil man online, but it isnt allowed.  I took lil man to the pool today, after her got booted for daycare.  Nothing like rewarding negative behavior!!

He is four years old and has never been swimming.  He didn't even know what swimming pool was.  As we drove too the pool I could see the anxiety in his eyes.  He wasn't quite sure what to expect.  I told him it was just like a giant bathtub, and that I would be there to hold onto him.  He wore floaties (arm bands), and one of those foam things that attaches to your waist.

He clung to my neck so tight I literally could not breath. Once I pried his lil fingers from my neck I held him by the hands and showed him that he could float.  With in 10 minutes he was putting his face under the water and "swimming" by himself.  Shortly after he was jumping off the edge into the water without me catching him.

It was great, I felt like the Mom of a normal kid, laughing splashing and having a great time.  He truly loves the water.  When it was time to leave he didnt pitch a fit, he came out of the water, and sat nicely while I got everyone dressed (I had P (4), and Willie B (19 mo) with me as well.)

I wish we had more normal days.

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  1. What great memories you are building! And what a great way for lil man to learn to trust and rely on you - to keep him safe, to hold him up, and to be there to catch him!