Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It’s Mother’s Day in heaven

How do we face a day set aside for mothers when the woman who brought us into this world has been taken from this world? If you ask those who have already been down this road, they will tell you that it is a very lonely time.

For each of you that will be glowing with smiles, shopping for your mother, and taking her out to your favorite restaurant, there will be those of us whose heart is aching as we remember the last moments spent with our mothers.

If you are missing your mother this Mother's Day, don't keep these emotions bottled up inside you. Write a special essay or poem and dedicate it to the memory of your mother.

Share the memories of your special times spent with your mother with family and friends. Pull out old photographs, or look at a videotape of your mother.

Every year during the holidays, I light a candle in memory of my mom. Go out and buy yourself a rose bush and plant it in your flower bed. Each year as summer brings back the birth of roses; your mother’s memory will re-bloom in the beauty of those roses.

Your mother is forever with you. Though there is an empty chair where she use to sit, in your heart she will forever be seated.

This Mother’s Day, rejoice and smile. Your Mother gave you life, and with that life she taught you many things. The one thing she may not have taught you is how to say goodbye when her time on earth was over. Death is just the passage through a door. It is from one room to the next and from this life to eternal life. Right through the clouds is where your mother is. She is in the beauty of roses that bloom.

Remember your mother this Mother’s Day. Mourn in her death, but rejoice in her rebirth.  I will never be able to write anything that matches the love my mother had for me, but may my love for her be found within the wisdom of the words that I share with all of you this Mother's Day.

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