Wednesday, May 13, 2009



I am been seriously neglecting my blog, sorry folks.  Life has been busy with a new addition, I haven't even had time to shave my legs! To  read more about  our new addition click here.

Things are progressing with our house, we are FINALLY getting a new roof.  Today the painters will be starting to paint the outside.  The old rock in our driveway is getting scrapped up, and hauled away.  We will line the driveway with brick, and put down fresh rock. 

I would LOVE to fence on our backyard, but we just don’t have the money at the moment.  To put a  6 foot privacy fence all around we are looking at $5,000 and that's with us putting it up ourselves.

So in a effort to afford a fence, I have been clipping coupons.  Last week I said $36.50 using coupons from my local paper, as well as from some I printed online.

I scored post trail mix cereal for .9 cents a box, and glass cleaner for .24 cents a bottle!

Check back later for some GREAT links on how you can save money too!

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