Friday, May 29, 2009

Dreaming in the morning..I'm dreaming all thru the day..

I've been dreaming about my Mum a lot the passed few weeks.  Each dream as been an event that has taken place since she passed, or something that is coming up in the near future.  It is reassuring to know that she is always with me, and knows what's going on.

I love seeing her in my dreams, sometimes I can even "smell" her.  She's always mincing in the mirror, fixing her hair, and reapplying her lip stick.

At times I still forgot that she has passed.  I still lift the phone and attempt to dial her phone number.  I wish I could hear her voice, ask for her advice, and just be with her.

I feel her near, I know she's around, and for that I am thankful.

Now if only she would send me a message, and let me know where my passport, and car keys are life would be grand.  So Mum where are they??


  1. i dreamt of her last night and she was my CPS supervisor weird lol. she wouldnt give me advice on a case lol. driving to work i was thinking to that this all cant be real. i drive past her street every day it is still so unreal

  2. I had a dream about her the night before my birthday. We were sitting on a couch somewhere having cake and ice cream. I am assuming it was for my bday. I miss her so much...