Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Go away


MRSA, has struck its ugly head again.  Willie-B's mama now has it.

Today I went to Wal-mart and bought antibacterial everything. If it doesn't get rid of the MRSA, at least we will be clean.  8 bottles of hand soap, 3 big bottles of hand sanitizer, 2 antibacterial body wash, 5 small hand sanitizers, 1 bag travel hand sanitizer wipes, 1 thing of Lysol house hold wipes, and a container of antibacterial wipes. 


Now all six of us have to take bleach baths at least two times a week.  We have also to do daily nasal swabs. 

We've been dealing with this shit for eight months.  With a short break in the month of December. I am SOOOOO over it.


  1. i heard that to much cleaning and sanitation can harm u more than it helps u

  2. Since we have had MRSA so many times in the last few months the benefits of sanatizing, out way the risks of one us becoming septic because of MRSA.

    following all of the sanatizing steps, is what got rid of my husbands MRSA.