Sunday, February 15, 2009

spur of the moment..


We're back!

On Tuesday my boss asked if Wayne, and I would like to tag along to the beach.   It would involve work, but also plenty of time off.

We arrived late Thursday night, spent a few hours chatting, before heading to bed around midnight. Friday morning we ventured to the breakfast club, where we ate enough to last all day.

Wayne, and I then took the boys to Oatland Island wildlife park


The park was massive, and the exhibits where far apart, but it was a lovely day so the walking was nice!




When we visited the wolf exhibit William was shouting a doggie a doggie! Parker enjoyed feeding the baby gator!

DSCF3892 DSCF3901

On the other side of the park, there was a petting zoo. Parker had fun chatting with the chickens.  William was fascinated with the "moo cow"


Near the end of our visit William refused to ride in the stroller.


He also refused to walk, so he decided to lay down in the middle of the woods, and take a nap! 


Wayne, and I celebrated Valentines day a day early.  We  had grand plans of having a picnic on the beach for valentines day.   Mother nature had other plans, it was pouring down!  We searched the Island for a new place to dine. we ended up a Charlie's, a formal restaurant.  I had roast duck, and Wayne feasted on lamb chops.

Wayne surprised me with a lovely peal necklace.

Saturday we took it easy, lazed around in our Pj's until noon! We then walked the beach, and went to a few shops.

Saturday night we took the boys out for some sea food.  There was a live band playing, and the boys enjoyed dancing in their seats!

Sunday Wayne, and I woke up sick.  I think we both have sinus infections.  We took Parker to climb the light house.

DSCF3999 DSCF4003

It was the highlight of Parkers day!  He wanted to re climb the light house. Afterwards we headed back to the beach house, packed up, and headed back to T-ville. 

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