Sunday, February 22, 2009

Clean up


We have spent every waking minute helping my in laws clean up after the storm.  We managed to get them moved into another house on the plantation.  We went through the damaged house and took out clothes, dishes, pictures, the kids toys,etc. 

The men spent several hours going through the woods, looking for things that had been blown miles away from the house. 

We are not sure if the house is fixable, or if it needs to be torn down, and rebuilt. Either way it will be several months before they can move back into their house.

It's sad to drive around the plantation, it doesn't look the same, and it never will.  Most of the trees that were knocked down where 30-100 years old.  There are no birds singing in the trees, they are all on the ground life less.

In the last four days I have seen one live deer, usually you see ten or more a day.

Its a shocking sight to see, but in the end we are all thankful that no one was killed.

Material things, can be replaced, and houses can be rebuilt.

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