Thursday, February 19, 2009

So shocked..


Last night I lay awake in bed, listening to the wind, rain and thunder.  Each time I closed my eyes, another thunderous bang woke me up. At 1:24am my sister in law Tracey called screaming down the phone. They had just been hit by a tornado.  I jumped up, screaming for Wayne to get out of bed. I sent Wayne  to check the weather to make sure there were no more tornado warnings.. As he opened his computer the power went out.

I called my sister Nicola who lives in Virginia, and asked her to check the weather for me online.  She gave us the all clear, and we tried to make our way to their house.  We got about 2 miles (they live 4 miles away), before being stopped by a downed tree.

We tired several times to get around the tree, after half an hour we made it passed, only to be faced with live downed power lines. 

We knew Tracey, and her family where alive and well, but her husband was bleeding from glass cuts.  The fireman told us it would be sunlight before we got anywhere near their house. So at 3:30am we returned home until the sun came up. 

EMS, fire fighters, and forest rangers tired to reach them, but they were unable to do so.  By 8:30am we were able to get a tractor close enough to take Mike (Tracey;s) husband to the hospital. About 20 minutes later, Wayne and I arrived to pick up Tracey and her two girls. 

The devastation is unreal. The disaster spans over 18 miles, within "our plantation" we have lost over 200 acres of trees, 3 houses, 4-5 builds, 2-3 cars totaled, with 5-6 other cars damaged.  Power lines are strew across roads, Roofs are laying in ditches, and there are buildings on top of cars.

I am speechless, totally speechless.

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  1. That sounds terrifying. I hope you are all ok.