Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a day


Today has been a day full of adventure.  I was treated to lunch, by my friend Sandra, and her little girl Mia. Parker and I snuggled in his bed for half an hour, he was telling me how much he liked me :)

After words, I was given some lovely gifts.  From Parker and William I received a collage of pictures, as well as a gift certificate for a make over and, some make up!



From their parents I was given a Vera Bradley bag, along with a matching wallet, pen, and note pad, as well as a  nice cash bonus! Its nice to be appreciated.

Later on we went to dinner with my in laws. They splurged on a a gift card, to my favorite store: target.

Later Wayne took me to show me my gift, its a lovely steel Gazebo, that I had been eying up, but never dreamed of spending the money on!

My most priceless gift came from my friend Crystal. A healthy baby girl named Mariah weighing in at 6lbs 8oz.


Welcome to the world baby  Mariah..

Spoiled rotten I tell you.  

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  1. Love the collage of Parker & Willie B--too cute! Glad you had such a Happy birthday!

    Edward & Keesha