Friday, September 19, 2008

my lil man..


Parker is growing up so quickly, in the passed six months he has went from a toddler/preschooler into a little boy.  Some of the thing's he has said lately, have had me laughing..

On Wed, we went to Zoinks with my friend S, and her little girl M.  Parker, and M are around the same age.  On our way home from Zoinks, Parker announced that next Friday, he was taking M on a date to chuck E cheese, because she is his best girl.


Later he told me that he was my husband, because are spend a lot of time together.  I  then asked parker "who is Wayne", and he shouted "Wayne is your daddy".

Lately he's been calling me "babe"



He has also informed me, that his house is much larger than mine, and that I should buy a bigger one.

As I was giving him in trouble for misbehaving he told me "Karen, don't you be cheeky to me".

He keeps me on my toes..

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