Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Let's talk about..Carseats..


-Did you know that car accidents kill and injure more children than all major childhood illnesses combined?

-Most accidents occur within a 25 mile radius of your home.

-a crash at 30 miles an hour can create as much force as falling from a third story window.

-Infants should ride rear facing until their first birthday, AND weigh at least 20lbs.  However it is best to keep your child rear facing as long as the carseat allows.

For example Willie B is one year old and weighs 26lbs, however his carseat states the it can be used rear facing up to 35lbs.  Extended rear facing is the safest way for a child to ride in the car.

Most five point harness can be used forward facing until a child reaches 40lbs.  Did you know there are other carseats on the market that will allow your child the safety of a 5 point harness until they reach 65lbs?

Britax makes several 5 point harness carseats that hold a child until 65lbs. Once the child reaches 65lbs, the carseat can be used as a booster seat until 100lbs.


graco also makes one with a weight limit of 65lbs, at half the cost of Britax carseats.

Parker is 4 yrs old, and 35lbs, he rides comfortably in his Graco - Nautilus carseat..

Older children should ride in a booster seat until they are at least 5' tall.  As seatbelts are design for a full sized adults.

Remember all children should ride in the backseat!

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  1. One of the good feature of the Britax car seats that those are convertible.