Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catch up..


Things have been wild around here.  I am still working two jobs, Wayne's in full-time school, doing rehab, and working part-time at Winnstead. We also just spend the weekend in Albany, GA becoming IMPACT certified.

In between all of that I got pulled over for doing "an illegal u turn".  Gas went from $3.65 a gallon to almost $5.00 here in Thomasville. Someone broke into my car at work, and stole my purse, took my cash, and threw my purse in the back yard.

We had some uninvited guests in Parker's room. Baby  Squirrel's, three of them over the course of the week. 


Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the emergency ultra sound Wayne had on his leg.


What have you all been up too?

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