Thursday, September 4, 2008



Yesterday, I was filling up my car with gas,. which isn't cheap by any means.  As I was pulling out of the gas station I noticed an early women dressed in rags, pulling a cart behind her.

She slowly walked over to each of the trash cans in the gas station, and started rummaging through them. At first I thought she was looking for food, but then she started pulling out plastic. I assumed she was collecting the plastic to recycle for money.

I drove over to the 80 something year old, and rolled down my window.

"Ma'am I shouted, do you need some money for food"

"I could always use money", she replied.

I dumped the change from my ash tray and handed it over to the poor lady. Their were so many coins, they barely hit in her wrinkled hand.

I then went into my wallet, and took out what little cash I had.

She asked me my name, and proclaimed "Karen, that's a beautiful name."

She thanked me countless times, and repeated over, and over again, how well she was going to be able to eat tonight.

I was curious to know if she had a place to lay her head at night, so I asked her "do you live here in town"

"Yes, ma'am she replied 850 N.  XXXX  street." 

"God bless you", she shouted.  As I drove away in my nice SUV, back to the the big white house((where I work) with the four  massive columns  the tears started rolling.

Tears of sadness, as well as joy.  I felt selfish.

This old lady should be enjoying her last few years of life, relaxing, gardening, playing bingo, you know the type of stuff that grannies do.

I am thankful that  I was able to help this lady out, but sad that her family isn't able or unwilling to take care of their aging grandmother.

I know that, because of my loving family, I will never have to dig in a  trash can for food. If times get rough, I know they will help me out. wise

I plan to visit "granny", and bring a few bags of food.  It's the least I could do.

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  1. aww keep us posted on granny lol. U have a lot of spelling errors or miss used words