Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sweet girl

My niece Jannae has been here for almost two weeks now.  She's nine and a half, and is a total pre-teen. 

Its been hotter than hell here so we've been spending a lot of time at the pool.


We've stayed indoors playing with the new puppy (At work not ours)


Went to the aquarium with some friends


Played some games with P and Willie-B


Sweated out buns off at Wild Adventures (it was 99, 111 with the heat index)



Got pampered,with pedicures.


And bought a new pet!

Yesterday we visited the pet store where Jannae decided she would like a pet mouse.  So today we went back and got little Greg.

The cats have enjoyed having a mouse in the house!

We've got another 11 days to fill with activities, before we had to the beach for five days.  Then Jannae heads home with a few weeks to spare before school starts!

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  1. How much fun for Jannae and you. Sounds like a blast, except for the mouse. :)