Monday, August 2, 2010


My niece has been sleeping in Lil' Man's old room.  The door to the room is very tightly fitted.  When it opens there is a distinct noise. 

The only time Lil' Man's door was close was a night.  Mainly to keep the cats out, but also to keep him in.  Tonight Jannae went into the room to read.  When she was finished reading she came out of the room.  The noise of the door made me jump. 

The last few days we had him he would not sleep at all.  He was on a high, and would stay up till 3am or wake up every few hours  opening the door each time.

I was exhausted, between dealing with him, and pregnancy hormones. The sound of the door opening took me back there.  I could feel my heart beating faster, and my blood beginning to boil.

Time to break out the sander, and take care of the door. 

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