Saturday, August 7, 2010

feeling down.

A child, born or unborn is a magical creature, a love that is born and not found. They are the true essence of everything that is good and divine.

You need not hold a child in your arms to want to protect them. You need not look at them to know you love them. And you need not birthed them to feel the loss when they are gone.

In life we have a certain order. We are born, we grow, our parents die and our children grow. When that order is upset, our world comes crashing down."

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  1. A loss leaves a whole in our lives. When it's an unborn baby it leaves a raw wound that seems like that oddest things can reopen it. It took me years to recover from my miscarriage. I couldn't even watch diaper commercials for the longest time. My loss wasn't recognized because "at least I had my other children". And it was "God's plan" for me. Like that's what I wanted to hear...

    I think my sister-in-law had it right. Her church had a memorial for her unborn baby and it seemed to help heal her in ways that I wasn't helped.

    Time helps, support helps, friends help, acknowledgment helps, in fact..anything that makes you feel better is ok. just saying.. as the survivor of a terrible loss it really is about you right now. I wish you strength and comfort and most of all, I am truly sorry about death of your child.