Thursday, August 5, 2010



  • Still haven't heard from Lil' Man's GAL-just another person who doesn't care.
  • Greg the mouse is making a clicking noise.  I hope he's okay. As mean as it sounds I am not taking a $2.00 mouse to the vet.
  • I still don't feel 100%.  Going to tough it out a few more weeks before seeing the doctor.
  • Jannae has been keeping me busy. We've been to a museum, bounce house, the pool, the library, and a lunch date so far this week.
  • We got a call about an 8 yr old girl, which we had to turn down.  I hate turning down calls.
  • One of my best buddies was in town over night.  We had a great time hanging out!
  • I went out with some girl friends last night.  The first time I have been out with friends since we  got Lil' Man-16 months ago.
  • Six more days till we go to the beach! WOO HOO!

1 comment:

  1. Still praying for you all.
    I hate turning down calls too - I had to turn one down today for an 11 year old girl. But I've also learned that saying no is a key survival technique in the world of foster parenting.
    I'm so glad you got to go out! I am relishing having some down time right now myself. Feels sooo good, doesn't it?
    All this to say - glad to hear you seem to be having a little bit better of a time recently!