Monday, June 23, 2008


Well I made it back from Virginia  in one piece, barley.. I don't think I sat still for more than a few minutes the entire time I was there.  My sisters planned a surprise wedding shower, at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Our trip to DC was full of adventure, and a few family barnies. We seen John Edward on Friday night, but sadly did not get a reading.  While in DC we checked out a few sites. (will post pictures later).  It took us over six hours to get home.  We were hit with storms, and then traffic.  Saturday night I attended my friends baby shower, and Sunday I left for Georgia, with Jannae in tow.  Some how I also managed to shop, and hang out with my friend in between.

I think I slept 5 hours a night while in VA, as I was couch surfing.  The trip home was the worst one I have ever taken.  I was so tired, I felt myself falling asleep.  I drank soda after soda, took some no dose, and ate chocolate all in attempt to keep myself awake.  The no dose made me sick.  By the time we hit South Carolina,  we were driving into storms.  At one point it was raining so hard that I was only going 25mph. 

Thankfully we made it home safe, and sound.  I was very happy to see my bed husband.

Check back later tonight for some pictures.

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