Thursday, June 5, 2008

The nanny


Being a nanny is a lot work, but also a lot  of fun! It's kind of like being a stay at home Mother, except after 5pm you get to escape. What other job has the type of benefits that I receive?

Hugs, and kisses all day, everyday

Smiles as soon as  I walk in the door

being told over and over again that I am loved (by Parker),

also being told "Karen your so beautiful" over, and over again.

Who else gets to go to the pool on the super hot days, and sit curled up on the couch reading books with the kids on the cold days?

Lunch dates, playdates, beach trips, day trips.  What have a lot of fun!

All the while..getting paid! I've got the best job ever!


  1. And you get to blog all day :) Get to work!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh whatever missy it was nap time.